Moogenilla Angus Herd Selection Indexes Compared With The Angus Breed

Detailed Benchmarking Reports are provided to us by Angus Australia every year. They give us a snapshot of how our herd is tracking compared to the whole Angus Breed in Australia.

The four graphs below show the Moogenilla herd is tracking well above breed average for all four $ Indexes. These Indexes combine a suite of Estimated Breeding Values in different weightings, to give a single $ Index that give an indication of the profitability of the animal for a typical self replacing herd (Angus Breeding), or for the productions systems targeting the grain fed, domestic supermarket or grass fed markets.

See our latest performance below!

No matter which market you are targeting your animals towards, the Moogenilla genetics are going to be suitable. This versatility helps when seasons or markets change and you need to place cattle into a range of different markets; turning them off earlier or later than planned.