Moogenilla Angus Herd Selection Indexes Compared With The Angus Breed

  • Moogenilla genetics are at the leading edge of the Angus breed in Australia.  John Wrigley saw the opportunity to bring world class genetics to Western NSW in 1991, with the use of Breedplan and a whole of herd Artificial Insemination program. He was motivated to breed exceptional bulls for our own family’s herd. This developed from selling a few bulls to other Central and Western NSW clients to being a major focus in our farming business.

  • In 2016 the 275 Moogenilla females recorded with Angus Australia had an average Selection Index of;

    • 124 for Angus Breeding Index – Top 20% of Breed.

    • 113 for Domestic Index – Top 20% of Breed.

    • 135 for Heavy Grain Index – Top 20% of Breed.

    • 118 for Heavy Grass Index – Top 20% of Breed.

  • This information, provided to us by Angus Australia every year, helps us keep track of where we are heading within the Australian Angus Herd. To see all 4 Selection Indexes sitting within the top 20% of the breed for our females shows us we’re on the right track with the herd.

  • No matter which market you are targeting your animals towards, the Moogenilla genetics are going to be suitable. This versatility helps when seasons or markets change and you need to place cattle into a range of different markets – turning them off earlier or later than planned.

  • Selecting AI sires to maintain this top 20% female herd is our challenge, keeping in mind we need to start with a quiet temperament and sound feet and legs and maintain genetic diversity.

See our latest performance below!

Moogenilla Performance