Moogenilla Angus 2019 Annual Bull Sale:

1pm Friday, 2nd August 2019

Our goal is to provide world class Angus genetics to commercial beef producers at viable prices. Over 25 years of artificial insemination to a variety of world leading Angus sires has built a solid female herd for us to work with.

We know YOUR profitability is the key to ours.

Moogenilla Angus is a fully Breedplan recorded herd including calf weighing, scanning, DNA testing, Pestivirus testing, a full vaccination and herd health program and many more operations to ensure top quality herd recording and health.

Moogenilla has a long history of being in the top 5% of the breed for key $ indexes.

A balance of moderate birth weights, strong 400 and 600 day weights and elite Eye Muscle and Marbling are a feature of the Moogenilla herd.

From 48 bulls offered in the 2018 bull sale, 40 were sold through the ring to a top price of $14,500 and an average of $6,275, with a further 2 bulls sold immediately after the auction.

A feature of the feedback we receive from repeat Moogenilla clients is how well adapted to a variety of grazing conditions the bulls are. The registered Moogenilla herd is run as a part of an extensive mixed cropping and grazing business North of Condobolin, NSW. The cows run in paddocks around 500ha (1200 acres), with a mix of native grasses, herbage, medics and some are improved with lucerne. The cows achieve pregnancies on native grasses or crop stubbles, they are not fed or managed differently to commercial Western NSW cattle. The bulls are grown out on dryland lucerne and if it rains in Autumn, they are finished for sale on crop. So, in short, Moogenilla bulls know how to walk and forage. Cunnamulla Qld clients say they do well on Mulga, our own cattle do well on Western NSW herbage near Ivanhoe, and many Central and Far Western NSW clients are happy with the bull’s adaptability to their own climate and grazing conditions.

Call or email us any time to discuss your bull requirements, female availability or the genetics in our next 2 generations of bulls coming through.

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About Moo-gen-illa Angus

Moogenilla Angus was established by the Wrigley Family in 1991, 28 years ago. Initially the goal was to breed quality bulls for our own commercial Angus herd. Older, proven registered females were selected from a number of respected herds and a full AI program was commenced immediately. We now AI 300 registered cows every year to the best Australian and overseas sires we can identify.

In 2010 we added an annual Auction Sale to our on-farm bull selling program. We sell 50 bulls at Auction on the first Friday in August in Forbes. We also sell 40 to 50 bulls on farm throughout the year. 

Moo–gen–illa is the name of a trig station hill on our property 50km north of Condobolin.

Paul Sinderberry and Sarah Wrigley run Moogenilla Angus as a family operation with the help of our daughters Emily and Madeline, and Brett Stockman and Will Moore.

 The Moogenilla Angus Team: Brett Stockman, Emily Sinderberry,  Madi Sinderberry, Sarah Wrigley and Paul Sinderberry.

Condobolin Show 2016 - Senior Champion Male

Brett stockman & Moogenilla k120

Calf Weighing

Auction Day

L47 - June 2017

Moogenilla L Bulls

K169 - June 2016

Moogenilla Angus

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